Malvi Bhatia, Grade 9 student, Dubai International Academy. Image Credit: Supplied picture

1. Nobody’s ever seen an adult do anything reckless because they always worry about what other people will say. But we can do whatever we want without anyone holding us responsible for it, because, after all, we are teenagers!

2. Being in love with people you have never met. Celebrity fever is the most enjoyable part of being a teenager. Idolising someone you barely know. We even have names to describe us according to our obsession – Directioners. Beliebers. Twerds.

3. Creating twitter accounts just so you can stalk your favourite celebrity. Stalking is a natural part of teen life and twitter accounts help us stay informed about the celeb buzz.

4. Looking ugly at home and loving it. Being fashion conscious while in public, we enjoy our private time at home wearing mismatched things, as long as they are comfortable.

5. It’s only teenagers who can sit in the same place either watching their favourite TV show or lying on the bed doing nothing after school for hours and enjoy it. It is just part of who we are!

6. We can get our thrills from chocolate, One Direction or Usain Bolt – or nothing at all.

7. Day-dreaming is our favourite pastime and the time of day doesn’t really matter. I can do it through the night imagining a future that is beyond bizarre, that is, one on the wrong side of the teen years.

8. Being a rebel without a cause. Isn’t adolescence all about that? I can rant and refuse all I want and my parents will blame it all on my raging hormones. Oh, the joys of being a teenager!

9. YOLO (You only live once). Every teenager’s motto... mine too.

10. Being on Team Edward. We got to enjoy the Twilight series, need I say more?