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Meet Kareem Zoro. Kareem Elmashad aka Kareem Zoro is a content creator based in Dubai and is the founder of a social media agency named 'I am Dubai'.

‘I Am Dubai’ is an agency, that allows models and social media influencers to partner up with restaurants, enabling them to receive free meals in exchange for hyping up the restaurants on social media .

"I have been working for past six years in hospitality and I noticed that restaurants are inviting models and influencers randomly and in a very unorganized way to come and instagram the venue, so from here I came up with the idea to build a platform that is easy to use .

So, how does a model sign up?

They have to register on our website, filling in all information including their Instagram profiles, so we can review them, then they can get access to the platform. It’s must to post on Instagram mentioning the restaurant account, from here the restaurant gets traffic .

"At the moment we have total signed up and approved over 4,200 models registered."

"We have a team of four people working from our office in Kiev, Ukraine and one developer based in Dubai to maintain the website and mobile app. Our job is 100 per cent online I believe we can hire anyone if they are aware enough about social media management."

How old are you?

I’m 26 years old

Did you always know you wanted a career in F&B and nightlife?

Yeah, I grow up working in events and nightlife. I love it. 

What did you study in university?

After highschool, I moved from my city and I started to work as well as simoultaniously doing online courses including marketing, social media management and graphic design.

How did you get into this niche industry?

In my early years I was spending hours on computer. Not exactly to play games, but I just wanted to know every single trick about social media, then I started to work in events from events moved to hospitality.

What advice would you give students on the path to take towards a job like yours?

If you believe in an idea, don’t wait for anyone to help you to bring it to light, take the risk and do it, you will never succeed if you don’t fail .

What are the hard parts about your job?

The hardest thing about my job is knowing when to stop. I think it's a very common trait with developers is that we do not know when to shut down the computer and stop working. The reality I find myself in is that once I leave my office I'm still tethered to work through my phone, emails and social media. It's tough to stop and this can affect, and has affected my personal life.

What are your favourite parts about your job?

My favourite part is that my job never gets boring! There are new things to learn and solve almost every day! Especially when I developed my app. it is very exciting when it finally runs and gets tested – although this is also the most nerve-racking bit as (although I am dubai has been tested before) things can still go wrong!I also really like to work with other people and learn from them.