The Platform Studios
Image Credit: The Platform Studios

At the Platform Studios it’s all about our customers’ exercise journey, and to this end, The Platform Studios constantly develop and innovate the experience of exercise. Around here it’s affectionately known as “the joy of exercise”. We offer a variety of classes such as high intensity interval training, cycle, yoga, barre, pilates and more.

The Platform Studios was awarded Best Boutique Fitness Studio of the Year at Dubai Fit Awards, three years in a row: 2018, 2019, 2020. From New York to California, Cape Town to Canada we recruit the best trainers within their field of expertise.

We also offer all our members an online training platform,, where they can access a wide range of live and filmed classes by our world class coaches.

Stewart Miller, Our CEO, has a clear vision to create the most dynamic game-changing exercise and wellness company in the world. He believes the future is full of opportunity particularly for those who remain true to the human experience, and guiding people towards a better version of themselves through the joy of exercise.