Image Credit: Stefan Lindeque/ANM

Schools are out, and with the mercury rising many people are looking to escape Dubai’s summer heat by travelling on a well-deserved vacation. Homes are often left vacant for long periods at this time of the year so it’s important your home security is up to the mark. Tim Mundell, Chief Security Officer at Transguard Group gives his top tips to protect your home and its valuables while you’re away, so you can enjoy a stress-free holiday.

Keep your home services active 

If you have a gardener taking care of your lawn or a trusted service company to maintain your pool, don’t pause on these services as it’s important to keep regular activity around your home. Additionally, if there is suspicious activity around your home, your service provider will notice.

Brief your maid

If you have a maid ensure she asks visitors to the house for identification, especially random tradesman. It’s also worth noting that almost 50% of burglaries happen in an empty house so if you don’t have a maid, make sure you fit an automatic time to activate lights during the evening and switch them off in the morning.

Keep a spare key with a family member, close friend or neighbour 

Don’t leave a spare key on your premises but do keep one with a family member or close friend and ask them to pay regular visits to your home. Also, in case of an emergency, there is always someone who can drop by and manage the situation.

No need for the newspaper delivery

Before going on holiday cancel newspaper deliveries or ask a neighbour or maid to ensure there’s nothing on the doorstep which might indicate the house is or has been empty for a period of time.

Secure your valuables in a safe 

Thieves aim to collect as many valuables as possible in the shortest time, so by storing your valuables in a safe, you add an additional layer of security. You can also invest in a smart safe with sensor detectors to alert you in case of a potential break-in.

Check all door and window locks are well maintained and secure and never leave the key in the lock

It might sound obvious but its important that not only are all doors and windows are locked but those locks are maintained and working properly, a burglar will take very little time in getting into a home if the fittings are not up to standard.

Avoid posting on social media

This is a well-known rule, but worth listing, it’s best to keep a low profile on social media, be mindful of informing the world that your home is empty by posting your travel itinerary or check-in at airports. This information is easily accessible and leaves your home vulnerable to intruders. Likewise, for voice mail at home and at work.

No need to tell the world

Similarly, avoid telling strangers that you are going on holiday, even if it’s your hairdresser you never know who is overhearing your conversation.

Who you going to call?

Ensure you leave all your contact details with your maid or a trusted friend – its important they can get in touch with you in case of an emergency, hopefully they don’t need to.

Install an automated Smart Home Security System 

With an automated smart home secure product you can monitor your home on your phone in real-time from anywhere. You’re always connected to your smart home security system and should a sensor be tripped, you will immediately receive a notification on your device. You can add an additional layer of protection by installing solutions that alert you of potential fire or water leaks as these systems are equipped with smoke and water sensors.

For additional security, it’s also advisable to install a smart door protector, and a lighting control system that provides you with the ability to remotely turn on the lights in your home giving the illusion that it is occupied, effectively deterring burglars. For your peace of mind these security measures are well worth the investment.