Cream and Butter
Image Credit: Supplied

What’s Christmas without a cake? From the simplest of Christmas festivities to the most opulent celebrations, the Christmas cake has brought joy and cheer to the faces and hearts of millions across the globe during the Christmas season. And while the tradition of gifting and celebrating with this wonderful treat has grown to take on several interpretations, the essence remains the same — a good Christmas cake is a wonderful thing to behold.

In Dubai, one confectionary shop holds this legend true to heart, baking some amazing fare during the festive season every year. Famed for their Christmas cake, shaped from a traditional 100-year old recipe, the Dubai-based Cream and Butter has enjoyed selling more than 10,000 kilograms of cakes to satisfied patrons every Christmas.

Made with candied fruits, nuts and spices, all soaked in a special base for a lengthy duration ensures each bite of the cake is a tantalising experience. For the bakers at Cream and Butter, the entire process of baking these delicious Christmas cakes begins and ends with a single word — passion. The team in its relentless pursuit to commit to manufacturing and delivering the highest-quality goods, combined with outstanding customer service, manages to bring the magic to its ovens every Christmas season. The result — cakes that are unique in quality, presentation and taste. The team at Cream and Butter is of the view that the ingredients to grow the business have always been its great recipes, helping churn out festive fare such as cakes, bread and pastries each time.

Patience, dedication, hard work, creativity, warmth and team work are strong values that bind this team together, allowing the staff at Cream and Butter to deliver the best of festive produce to customers from across the city. Cream and Butter is committed to provide products at the right time, and at the right place, becoming the brand of choice for hotels, restaurants, event organisers and individual patrons for their fare.

Customers can place their orders at Cream and Butter for customised cakes for all occasions.