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There’s a fine line between trusting your instincts, which are both powerful and accurate, and backing off from situations so you can wait, and watch. With so much in transition even you, at your most intuitive, won’t always be able to make sense of certain unsettled or complex matters. Withdraw, in terms of discussion but, equally, in terms of your intuition, and with a bit of patience, you’ll regain a much needed clarity about what’s next.

Aries March 20 — April 18

During this exciting week you’ll remake plans often. While frustrating, when looking back you’ll realise how much you learnt from, and benefited from, each version of those plans. Knowing that, take chances, especially on seemingly risky ideas or offers. While, at minimum, you’ll learn a lot, they could just work.

Taurus April 19 — May 19

While there’s no way you can sidestep certain perplexing difficulties, they could actually prove useful. Strange as that sounds, as these unravel, you’re regaining a variety of freedom you thought gone for good. This is as sudden as it’s surprising but by as early as next week, things will be very different.

Gemini May 20 — June 20

Usually your quick mind and knack for turning even seemingly uninteresting ideas into offers is an asset. However, you’re just entering an unsettled period, one that’s about spotting and eliminating what needs to go. Once you’ve done some serious decluttering, you can shift your focus back to what’s next.

Cancer June 21 — July 21

Ordinarily, when making plans, you’ll consider what needs to be done, discuss the role others will take, then turn those ideas into action. Judging by the coming days’ sudden changes, even the simplest of arrangements will need to be rethought. That being the case, ensure whatever you organise is flexible.

Leo July 22 — August 21

There’s no avoiding certain practicalities. Your ruler the Sun and Mercury are, in fact, accenting exactly such matters. Tempting as it is to sidestep these rather dull tasks, all are vital and some are urgent. What’s more, what you learn while dealing with them will prove incredibly helpful when you’re facing crucial decisions.

Virgo August 22 — September 21

Being an earth sign, you’ve a strong sense of responsibility about life’s practicalities. Yet with both your ruler Mercury and the Sun having just met the visionary Neptune, your instincts are at a peak. Trust these feelings. If you decide to act on them, you’ll be amazed how much you learn.

Libra September 22 — October 22

For you, as a Libra, harmony with those around you isn’t just significant, you’re conscious of the importance of maintaining it. Yet one particular individual isn’t just being provocative, they seem to thrive on being irritating. It’s true. Sooner or later you’ll have to confront them, but select that time carefully.

Scorpio October 23 — November 21

The last thing you want is to organise something, then have it fall apart within days. But that’s exactly what you can expect from certain arrangements. Do nothing, however, and you’ll completely miss out on what comes next. And that will be spectacular. Risky as this seems, it’s the only way to go.

Sagittarius November 22 — December 20

Watching something you’ve worked hard to organise come undone, and in record time, is no fun. However, deep down you’ve always known the arrangements in question were dodgy and, as a result, had another plan in mind. Don’t waste a minute. The time has come to put that into action.

Capricorn December 21 — January 18

One of your greatest strengths is that you’ll fight for who and what you believe in. At the moment, however, you’re urged to think carefully about the actual situation in question. Unexpected and, often, surprising revelations could trigger a timely review of your allegiance to certain individuals or arrangements.

Aquarius January 19 — February 17

Usually, sticking with what, and who, you believe in is a virtue. However, unexpected events are about to reveal facts that won’t just be a surprise, they’ll shock you into rethinking certain arrangements. You sensed something was amiss. So while you’ll be surprised, you’ll also have a huge sense of relief.

Pisces February 18 — March 19

Although you’re in the run up to Sunday’s emotionally intense Full Moon, you’re still reflecting on the personal insights and potential changes triggered by late February’s powerful Pisces eclipsed New Moon. Actually, the feelings you’ll be experiencing will help clarify certain questions that arose then, enough you’ll be ready to make decisions.