A Christmas tree with presents Image Credit: Agency

The Christmas tree debate continues this year. Should you buy a real tree or go for an artificial one? Whatever you decide, here is our list of where to get both real and artificial trees in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. You can expect to spend from Dh50 to Dh800 for a tree, depending on the kind you want.


Dubai Garden Centre

For original imported trees and Christmas decor items such as lights, gnomes and baubles for your tree, Dubai Garden Centre has it all. The real trees sell out quickly, so get there while stocks last. They also have artificial trees.

Christmas Trees Dubai

Get your Christmas tree imported from Quebec this Christmas. However, orders should be placed by early December. Check them out if you are still hoping for an authentic Fraser Fir Christmas tree. Prices here start at around Dh570 (US$157) for a seven-foot-tall tree without a stand.


For those who want the real deal and don’t want to go out of your way to get one, Spinneys is your best bet. However, these tend to run out of stock really fast and not all outlets stock them. Call ahead at whichever store is closest to you to ensure they have real ones or ask them about their artificial ones. They also stock up on decor trinkets and lights. If you’re going the artificial route, you may find cheaper alternatives elsewhere.

My Green Chapter

Use this outlet to get a Nordmann fir tree delivered to your doorstep. However, these trees are sold without stands. Get your tree on a sturdy stand (around Dh100 if getting it from the same store), and water and care for it for as long as you have it. Expect to spend up to Dh500 for a real tree around six to seven feet tall.



A single trip to Ikea is all that is required for your entire Christmas shopping with colour-coordinated decorations and accessories for different kinds of artificial trees — the green traditional ones with snow tipped branches or the all-white sparkly trees.

Dragon Mart

If you’re looking for a cheap alternative and one that allows a good bargain — head to Dragon Mart. The best prices depend on your power of persuasion and patience. You could get a faux snow-tipped one for as low as Dh70 or be charged Dh250 for the exact same tree. If you know people who also want trees, go as a group so you can get a bulk discount when buying three or four trees.


With Christmas decor being a once a year purchase, splurging may seem useless. Stocks at Carrefour offer affordable options for all decor items including Christmas trees. They also have a wide selection of items to choose from so you don’t have to worry about forgoing variety for a lower price. You can even find fancy glass-blown baubles for statement Christmas pieces to bring out every year.


A decor store in Al Quoz, Reflections has sweet trinkets to ceiling high decor pieces. Trees, wreaths, under-the-tree gift boxes, Santa suits, stockings and everything you need will be stocked in the store.


From trees to cute accessories, Daiso stocks everything and their motto is value for money. So, for those of you on a budget, this store could be well worth a trip. The maximum you’ll pay here is Dh600 for a 10-feet tree.

Scour Karama, Satwa and Bur Dubai for pop-up Christmas decor shops and boutique stores which offer great decorative items at bargain prices.