Ramadan Table Decoration
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Dubai: Make the most of what’s left of Ramadan and create happy family memories around iftar, making those around you feel extra special by presenting a beautifully decorated table. “I truly believe that enjoying a meal at a beautifully dressed table with your closest family (and friends, when possible!) is a magical experience that creates wonderful memories for years to come,” said interior designer Kate Instone, from Blush International to Gulf News.

The way that a table is set creates the mood for the meal as much as the food that is being served. It’s the small details that really make the defence, the attention to detail. The base of every table dressing is the same: crockery, cutlery, glassware, silverware and linen.

Here are some tips from Kate on how to have the perfect table this ramadan

Always have a theme

Ramadan table
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I always unify my table settings with colour and a theme. For example, if I am creating a more sophisticated table setting, I often use a monochrome palette and ascent with metallics such as gold and silver and an abundance of white flowers - however, always make sure that your flowers are low or have long thin stem, so that your guests can still see each other across the table!

Set the mood with lighting

Candle light is imperative and the right light bounces off the metallic surfaces and casts pretty shadows across the table.

Add a surprise element

Ramadan table
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Freshly starched white table napkins keep the table looking fresh and tailored, napkin rings and place setting holders and cards can be an area where you can have a lot of fun and be creative. When I am dressing a more sophisticated table, I also use my antique silver napkin rings (always freshly polished) and hand-written place setting cards (always use a fountain pen with black ink) - Smythson are my favourite.

Use flowers to spruce things up

I like to adorn the table with seasonal flowers or even potted herbs. Personally, I don’t keep to a single colour, I like to use an array of pastel colours. When dressing a more casual outside table, I like to mix and match colour and patterns. I love to use my collection of mix and match vintage china, using pastel glassware and colourful napkins. This is a table setting you can really have fun with, if you live near the beach, you can use shells for place setting holders and ribbon as napkin rings. As the sun sets you create another layer of mood to the table by lighting tea lights to create magical lighting across your table setting.

If the weather is great, go outside

As the weather is still wonderful in the evenings, I love to set the table outside, I always find outdoor dining creates a more relaxed dining experience. You can really create a colourful and eclectic table outside, with no interior décor to clash with you, you can really get creative!

Once your table is laid, it is time to reveal it to your family who will be so delighted to see that you have taken the time and effort to create a beautiful setting for you all to enjoy a special meal together.