Overhead view of an arrangement of a Christmas wreath or garland being made. Image Credit: Agency


These seasonal wreaths are very easy to make, a joy to behold and when hung from the ceiling or a wall, instantly lend warmth to your home. You will need:

• Sticks and vines — the longer the better — or you can buy a large embroidery hoop

• An array of seasonal, festive greens — buy long stems from Dubai Garden Centre and section into smaller branches

• Metal Wire, scissors and pliers

• Baubles of your choice, battery operated fairy lights and wide ribbon

Wreath Image Credit: Supplied

If you are using branches to make your wreath base, soften them with your thumb, gently turning them all the way down till you achieve a circle. Secure the ends with wire and layer up this base with more branches. If you are using embroidery hoop, simply wrap the wire around the frame — all around if you want to a full circle of greens or a section if you are after something more contemporary. Make sure the hoop’s fastener is covered in the wire as well.

Now start adding greenery. For the branch base you will need to attach the first two layers of greens with wire. For the hoop, anchor your greenery into the wire nest you have created around the frame. Start layering with longer branches, reducing their length as you fill out your frame.

Add season fillers like juniper, holly, mistletoes or even baubles. You can make a personal statement by adding flora from your country like thistles.

For the final flourish, gently wrap with lights and attach a long ribbon to hang.

You can use the remaining twigs and greens to make rustic snowflakes. Arrange the twigs in a star pattern and secure in the middle with wire. Run the greens and baubles through the wire to hide the metal. Use twine to hang.


Christmas cookies Image Credit: Supplied

Get the kids involved in your trusted ginger bread recipe. Use festive cutters to cut the cookies, making a hole with a drinking straw for the fasteners. Bake, cool and ice as per usual. Stick a piece of brown paper at the back to cover the hole. This will keep the ornament intact when you hang it.

You can also try something new with Salt Dough Ornaments — they are just as much fun to make, but a whole lot less fussy. You will need: 4 cups all-purpose flour, 1 cup salt and 1 1/2 cups of warm water. Mix in a bowl. And knead until the dough is firm and smooth. Roll out the dough and cut with festive cookie cutters. Add shapes and textures to the top, then bake until dry. Add a piece of white paper to secure the threading hole, run a twine through, then hang.


Baubles Image Credit: Supplied

You will need, standard plastic baubles — the transparent types which come with a top than can be opened, some glitter, paint and festive ribbons.

Open the top of the baubles and fill with glitter. You can also fill with pieces of tracing with the names of your loved ones on it. Secure the top and then paint a festive word on the outer surface in the best handwriting you can muster. If you can’t open the top, spread some glue on the outer surface and roll the ornament in glitter. Add the decorative thread and hang.


Haberdashery Image Credit: Supplied

If you are interested in embroidery, you have to try this DIY ornament. You will need a light wood or dark wood embroidery hoop, small and preferably with a gold fastener, some fabric, festive threads, needles.

If you are after a more classic look, use the lightwood hoop and after having framed white fabric, trace a festive symbol that you can embroider over. If you are leaning towards a more rustic theme, use the darkwood hoop, run striped fabric through it and glue over some baubles or faux greens. For a more personal touch you could frame fabrics that might hold sentimental value, like family tartans, to create an instant heirloom piece. Based on your theme attach ribbon or twine.