If 2017 belonged to the tropics, this summer it is all about juicy citrus inspirations. Lush plantation greens, palms and birds of paradise that informed our interiors through wall coverings, fabrics and soft furnishings give way to lemons, tangerines and all sorts of citrus fruits. These symbols of nature’s abundance provide a fresh, sharp vibe to interiors, just as they tantalise our taste buds.

The fruits lend themselves beautifully to stunning illustrations in vibrant colours and equally beautiful foliage to create a family of surface treatments for the walls, windows and furnishings. I would love to believe one can paint these onto walls and fabrics oneself, but I have very limited faith it my abilities as an artist. I’d much rather rely on de Gournay’s exhaustive library of hand-painted wallpapers. Amp up the look with real indoor citrus plants for a 4D experience.

While we are on the matter of fruits, a word of caution. Steer clear of the pineapple. That fruit is so last season.


One of the strongest summer looks for interiors revolves around candy colours — pastel, even watered-down shades of pinks, greens and yellows. Maybe I’ve had enough of millennial pink last year, or it is an acknowledgement that these muted wonderland shades are not for everyone, whatever the reason, I find myself gravitating towards its antidote. The full-throttle impact of wispy indigo blues is this summer’s new black.

This deep shade of blue is regal and earthly all at once, thus, works well to anchor a modern design code as well as a maximalist approach. Select the accent wall — I usually go for the wall that anchors the biggest furniture piece, be it the sofa or a statement cabinet. Paint that wall head to toe in your preferred shade of indigo blue. Benjamin Moore Paints offer a vast family of shades that range from grey-blues to purplish tones. You can also add depth with textured paints or those with shimmer and metallic tints.

Offset the inky wall with natural elements — wood, fabrics and leather. Metallic accents yellow gold and stone finish accessories layer the look to create an inviting space that despite its blues, is surprisingly unisex.


The season’s interior must-have has the DIY lovers rejoicing. Simple tools deliver a mega-watt impact that can alter our perception of space. You will need: two colours that work well together, typically one lighter than the other, masking and measuring tapes, pencil, a ladder, three mixing trays, small and large paintbrushes, a bucket of water and some patience.

Once you have chosen the colours and walls, you need to decide the flow of the gradient. Dark to light, from the floor up makes the room look taller, the reverse makes the space cosier. Next, decide the height where the transition begins and where it ends, marking them lightly with a pencil and masking tape.

Onto the sanded and primed wall, apply the lighter colour first, well beyond the transition points marked on the wall. Then start with the darker shade, stopping at the mid-point of the transition zone. While the paint is wet, and using a fresh brush dipped in water, start blending. How stark the transition line should be is up to you, I recommend that you regularly step away from the wall to assess that.

If DIY is not your forte, you can always get the look via wallpaper. Murals Wallpaper offer wallcovering solutions that can be customised to the size of your wall.


It is the most iconic of Art Deco flairs. Forever intertwined with The Great Gatsby look, layered tassels haven’t really been viewed as smart design statements — until now. And it mostly has to do with our evolving taste that has suddenly come to embrace the textured, the layered and the opulent all over again. From sofas (even Bottega Veneta’s latest home collection featured the fringe) and statement making accent pieces such that the Ben & Aja Blanc’s latest mirrors, to Hans-Agne Jakobsson’s ceiling lamps available online at theapartment.dk, the fringe has firmly positioned itself as the season’s most coveted design must-have. Ombre, pastel or royally hued, the fringe circa 2018 is in with all the major trends.

If you are good with the glue gun or hammer, you can DIY your way through this trend. All you need is a trip to the haberdashery and some antique finish brass studs.