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If hiring a painter, moving around furniture, and deciding on what colour to commit isn’t your idea of an eventful weekend then, Toni Snyder (aka @colorswank on Instagram) will change that with tips and tricks for waking up your space in just a few minimal-mess, cash-conscious hours.

Look up

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Toni Snyder.

If committing to colourful walls sounds scary, skip the walls altogether and stretch your colour farther by painting the ceiling instead. Can’t tackle the whole ceiling? Then paint a taped off shape to create your own pan/recessed ceiling with a rectangle. A lighter tone makes getting a clean lines easier. Colour-wise, I recommend a shade of blue to open up your space like a sky; while pink tones are soothing and add calming a vibe, and yellows are refreshing and edgy.

Steer clear of: Greys and greens; they can create the feeling of the ground it upside down. Awkward.

Tools: 1 or 2 quarts of paint, a roll of blue-tape, one mini roller and a two-inch angled brush.

Fake it till you make it

If you love the luxurious look of wainscoting, but aren’t so keen on the commitment level of it, divide your walls with a small wood or resin trim. They can be easily cut by hand and are available for as low as Dh15. The only trick is to get a mitered angle in the corner (miter box available at local hardware stores for around 20 dirhams and includes a small saw). They can even be attached with liquid nails or silicone. Place your chair rail at around 1 meter from the floor and attach, paint the wall under it, and paint the chair rail itself (in the same as the wall or a contrast colour).

Steer clear of: Being messy with silicone or liquid nails as paint will not stick to either of them.

Tools: One quart of paint, one mini roller, two-inch angled brush, 2cm moulding/strip wood, miter box set.

Sit back and appreciate your niches

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The good thing about all of those awkward interior insets, 3 centimeter wall dips, and unusual angle, is they give you a perfect place to control colour (and the work load). Take a non-judgmental stroll around your home or space and notice where they are. I’ll bet you’ve just gotten used to them being around and don’t even notice them anymore. These are places you can start and stop a colour in a flash. If your ultimate plan is to paint the rest of the house, then go wild here, as your main color can pull these areas together later. If you just need to inject some colour at a minimum, then use a more medium shade, or one that will flow with what you have as a neutral now. Good architectural accents can be just about any shade that you are drawn to, so let your creativity flow here.

Steer clear of: A tone thats too heavy in one area (if you aren’t painting the rest of the walls). Don’t give one spot all the attention, but rather, create interest and balance.

Tools: One quart of paint, a roll of blue-tape, one mini roller.

It’s ok to create your own architectural marvels

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Don’t fret over locating a place to start or stop. Instead, tape off your own shape (rectangle, square, or even a triangle) on your wall and simply roll a quart of paint with a mini roller dipped right into the can (or poured onto a plate). Align your shape behind boring shelving (major update), around a desk, as a headboard, or in a playroom. The ideas are endless. Peek on Pinterest for some inspiration by searching ‘painted wall shapes’. Not great at straight lines? You can buy a blue chalk line for under Dh15 or download a free level app (I keep one in my phone). Secret trick: 1. take a mirror or pic off your wall and trace it, then put it back. 2. Tape the line you drew. 3. Paint with a mini roller.

Steer clear of: No colour limits, and just be sure you don’t limit your creativity here.

Tools: One ‘colour sample’ of paint, a roll of tape, one mini roller.