"I paint in a of impressionism, where I constantly improve my own developed technique of petals,” explains Blizhenskaya. Image Credit: Supplied picture

Daria Blizhenskaya's artwork is heavily influenced by the great Russian authors Fyodor Dostoevsky and Leo Tolstoy and almost all her paintings reflect the culture and traditions of those times. But what is it that draws collectors to her work? It's her unique impressionist style which celebrates femininity, class and architecture. She uses soft pastel shades and a layering technique which form a beautiful abstract composition.

"I paint in a style of impressionism, where I constantly improve my own developed technique of petals," she explains. "The small elements of each detail creates and completes the whole image."

The artist was always fascinated with art as a young child but it wasn't until she left her small town in Russia and was granted a place at Voronezh State University, one of Russia's most reputable art schools, that she absorbed the medium, expressed and evolved as an artist and incorporated the ideas and influences of Van Gogh, Monet, and Gustav Klimt into her work.

Interior design is also one of Daria's passions. "I have recently started collaborating with isell interior design in Dubai. Paintings are integral to the overall look and feel of a home. Not only do they give you joy, they're also a potential investment for your children," says Daria.

Her paintings are great for those looking for classic yet modern paintings for their home. "I would probably say that my works are indeed more for contemporary rooms, but you can definitely see some elements of traditional Russian art in my technique and style.

Daria's artistic style has been appreciated by collectors from all over the world, from as far as Japan, India, England and the Middle East. She says the cost of her paintings all depends on how her work is perceived in the market. "As an artist I have never been really materialistically motivated. Each city has received me with appreciation and I have had good agents and positive media feedback on my work. I've always seen this as a sign of appreciation. The increasing value in the price of my work is all down to art critics, gallerists and art collectors," she explains.