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Different thoughts exist on desire; should I have desires or not? Should I ignore or nurture them? Is having desires a bad thing or perhaps not?

Desires emanate from the Source Energy/ the Universal Energy. Desires are innate part of human existence. What is it’s purpose? Learning and growth. Desire is the fire that fuels actions. Desire is the willingness to do something, as a force of energy.

The nature of desire varies; it presents itself in different forms and variants. Some desires are liberating, some are bondage. The story of desire is the story of person him/herself. Desires get invoked in response to something. What is that something? It is life itself asking for movement as opposed to stagnation or status quo. Desires facilitate movement, growth, expansion of consciousness, it is a playground for karmic give and take and lesson for aligning into balance.

The ‘good-ness’ or’ bad-ness’ of a desire is based on how a desire is put to use; the purpose it serves. Is it connecting you with the Source/Universal, the wholesomeness of All, or is it taking you out of alignment from it and you? It is the same thing; you are part of the Source Energy here, the energy which inspires and energises your spirit and fuels your charge.

Desires which separate you from the Creative, that is, the Source energy feels like friction. Desires that bring close to you, to your spiritual existence, can be called a likeable desire to your existence in human form. Desire to help, to innovate, create, to be of service, are fulfilling desires that give wonderful taste to human life. Desires are burning fire inside that fuel creation and the creative process; out of such desires are born great deeds, great works. Desires that don’t feel good from inside, which bring inward conflict are separation from the Source Energy.

Conflicting Desires

Know that, desire gets built up in time as life is lived. Sometimes desires tend to cause inner conflict. Why is that so?

The push and pull happens when, with whatever desire/s you came here on earth, to fulfil, isn’t done so. Isn’t fulfilment of a desire, that brings you close to your innate nature of goodness, feel good?

Humans have contradictory desires when a desire that is innately present, is consciously contradicted. The contradiction is introduced by the mind. Inner conflict is product of the mind energy, it is not from the Source. Such desires, those of conflicting nature, obstructs the natural flow of energy in the body and the mind. Hence Self seeks alignment; answer to mind-heart tussle, to resolve the friction.

The Source-led desire is gentle, flows unobstructed and speaks the rightness of itself which is inwardly felt. One’s actions can put one in the state of alignment which most often, feels like inspiration. When one is inspired, one feels closer to the Creator/ Spirit/ Source Energy, there is flow and rhythm and sweetness in that desire, without resistance or contradiction. The action just flows in the most energised way.

Should one follow their desires? Following a desire that answers to the positive creative force is uplifting to self. How does one identify? The resistance will be absent. When the desire to create, that is, to do something where the wall between the Source-Self and the mind-self/doer ceases to exist, but becomes one, is the positive side of creation.

If tussle continues, reflect: is my desire is serving me well? Is it nurturing my soul? Is it serving humanity? Is it serving Universal Energy creations? Is it inspiring to me?

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is an emotional healer and a forgiveness teacher. All the ideas expressed herein are her own and not professional advice or medical prescription. Listen to her podcast ‘Meditative Reflections-Dhayan’ on Spotify. Email: