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In my last column, I wrote about non-attachment to experiences whether pleasurable or non-pleasurable. Know that it is possible to remain unlatched to an experience, yet possible to know, feel and let it go; just like drops of water slips off a duck’s body. Water doesn’t stick to duck but duck feels the water, is in the knowing of it (whether water or not).

Humans can keep a duck-like texture and let all kinds of experiences drop off from the body, mind, and psyche to abide in pure consciousness. This implies being merely an observer of whole experience-process. Pure consciousness doesn’t attach to good or bad experiences, elation or misery (punya or paap, sukh or dukh), but observes all, is in the knowing-feeling of all, but is unattached.

In being an observer, karma is resolved. In letting go of all negative and overly-positive experiences and by simply being consciousness simplified, being conscious observer/witness, one minimises the cycle of cause-creation and effect-endurance.

No conditions attached

Unconditional love is the greatest alchemy. All karmic leftovers are resolved by unconditional love as all life journey culminates here. All human experiences transform to culminate at unconditional love. This completes one’s journey.

Humans do experience this form of unconditional love. To explain by attempt of an analogy, when someone says my pet (or a person) changed my heart, one has undergone emotional alchemical process. This process takes place when an individual ‘services’ or is ‘serviced’ out of sheer love and concern with no conditions or expectations attached. The heart transforms due to the alchemy of unconditional love present in high dosage. Conditional love contains impurities of expectations, forced exchanged, demand or other medley of ‘contaminated’ (non-pure) emotions.

On the earthly plane, plane of emotional and mental duality, humans are born with afflictions, attachment to which, obscures unconditional love feelings. Patanjali Yoga Sutras mentions afflictions as: avidya- asmita- raag- dwesh- abhinivesh (ignorance- ego-attachment- aversion- fear).

Layers to Pure Consciousness

Humans are born with avidya or ignorance, that is, spiritual amnesia (a sense of knowing exists though). Ignorance/amnesia (or veil) doesn’t allow humans to see that they are divinity-spark; souls cloaked in human body for certain experiences, made possible only on earthly plane. With dharna-dhyan-samadhi, (concentration-meditation-absorption) veil is removed and awakening of true nature happens.

Humans are born with’ I’ (asmita/ego). This ‘I’, individuality is for purposes of having ones’s own unique experiences. However, ‘I’ gets embroiled with all nature of experiences/conditionings on the earth plane (I am ‘this’/ I am ‘that’). The layers of ego identities lead to suffering because true nature is obscured, owing to afflictions. Un-layering/letting go is the way.

Attachment to ego identities and aversions, create karmic cycles as one acts under their influence. Un-latching with correct spiritual knowledge and done so voluntarily, helps to overcome this affliction. (‘Refer’: Fast Route to Transformation, Aug 28, 2021)

Humans are born with fear of death; this is accumulated impression of past life deaths some of which may have been traumatic and/or ridden with heavy emotional experiences. The fear of loss of individuality- asmita- is also a fear.

Yoga sutras of Patanjali states that avidya (lack of correct spiritual knowledge, aadhyatmik gyan), is the root of all klesha/ afflictions. Afflictions enslave humans to the earth plane, it also gives rise to disbelief, doubt about one’s true nature (swarup).

In taking the reverse journey, journey inward, one is able to understand and outgrow them with understanding and practice (abhyas) of non-attachment. In renouncing afflictions, realisation dawns that one is not the body, not the mind, not the physical senses, not the action-senses, not the emotions, not the feelings, not any subtle or gross form but simply consciousness. This leads to liberation as bondage to afflictions end.

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is an emotional healer and a forgiveness teacher. All the ideas expressed herein are her own and not professional advice or medical prescription. Her email: