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Nothingness. The zero point. This zero- point, that is, this nothingness packs in all possibilities; the good, the ugly and everything else in-between. This zero- point is the state of equilibrium. the state of balance. Also, the state of knowing, of clarity.

From this zero- point, you can choose wherever you want to go or ‘tilt’. Meaning, whatever emotions and experiences you want to journey with and carry forward with. This is your choice, so whatever you extract from the nothingness, is your will’s exercise in freedom.

The balance point

This zero-point is the rest point. Know that this rest point is not, not alive. There is throb and thrive of all possibilities within; consciousness is contained within.

Look at the malleable water, in it’s rest point. It packs in all possibilities; including the possibility of being vapour or ice. And when it is free from the experience of different temperatures, it strives to come back to it’s rest state, which is it’s the natural state.

All creations of nature, including humans, strive to be get back to a balanced state, state of just ‘be’ (being-ness). Simply termed, rest state. Seeds blossom into flowers, evolves further into the cycle of life, to come back to its rest state, seed. From there, a seed packs in all possibilities (to flower or not).

Humans’ yearning to be in this rest state is not new. But how do we know about this state to even pine for it? The answer will pull us to another realm. Hence, for now, suffice to trust that we know this experience of the zero point, we like it and so we gravitate towards it.

When we strive to balance our emotions, we are trying to trace back our experience to the rest-and-recuperate state. This is not the state of lying down and sleeping unawares, physically speaking. But this rest state- though non-functional — is the most active, vibrant and coherent state of be-ing. This is the state of harmony, peace and alignment, that we strive to be in.

High vibe

In the earthly realm, we experience this when we are in service to others, with love and compassion. When we treat ‘others’ with the same understanding and respect, as we want for us. The real music lies between the pauses of the notes; the real balance lies between the momentary aspects of day-to-day lived as such, in discernment and understanding. Within this fullness, lies balance.

Some of us go through very difficult phases in our lives, the idea is not to become bitter by the experiences or harbour resentment towards situation or people who caused it, but show equal degree of discernment towards the person or situation as we would want for us.

When anger melts, the wall around collapses and freedom is experienced. Thus, begins the journey towards balance. Consider the other person as the ‘activator’, helper in your journey towards your balance. Can anyone or anything move without force? No. Your activator is your force- pushing you towards balance. So, no need to begrudge him/her.

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is a healer and a forgiveness teacher. All the ideas expressed herein are her own and not professional advice or medical prescription. She can be reached at: