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You create your life consciously, meaning, you decide the way things can go for you through your thoughts, words, deeds, actions, reactions. You don’t have to let situations and circumstances decide for you. As the source energy you have the power to move things for you.

How do you do that? How do you move things in bleak situations? In bleakest of times/situations, you catch hold of the tiniest of light and create more from there through the focus on light. Meaning, in most impossible situations also, possibility of things to move exists and you use that point of possibility to shift your current situation and from your current situation.

Creating new

In times of sorrow and grief, you recall happiest of memories and move on. You walk the lighter path and build your momentum from there.

You create a life you want by shifting your thoughts, by keeping a tab on your intentions that guide your actions. When you create your own life consciously, this means you are paying more attention to your life, how things are moving, in what direction you want to move them and more importantly, how you are moving them.

How you are moving them is equivalent to the journey of your life, the day-to-day life that makes the whole of your life. Those can be broken down from day-to-day to moment-of-moment creation. Check your intention when you are creating something. For example, you want to create a happy moment for you, then consciously you shift your thought to happy thought. It is as simple as that but not as easy as it is simple, primarily because shifting a thought is a conscious decision.

Most of the time we go with the flow of a thought, then it gate-crashes to all areas of our life. Negative gate-crashes negatively and positivity gate-crashes to positive and abundance in life. Relationships, finances, health, wellbeing all are related. All aspects of life are related because together we are that, in this physical world; a sum total of areas which makes our physical reality, the life we live.

Conscious creation

Conscious creation involves practice. I have to create positive thoughts through affirmations, take positive actions in lightness of the mind, react positive in heaviness of situations and do deeds of positivity in the bleakest of situations.

This takes practice. This takes enormous amount of engagement with self. In that, don’t think that you have to allocate separate time for practice. Life will offer you day- to- day experiences and situations and you practice creation in them. Universe offers you perfect situations of practice. For example, if you are in an irritated mood, you will receive in your experience, irritating situations and perhaps people too and that become the perfect platform to practice/ create appreciation. This is how you will change your mood, reality, actions, reactions. Whatever then follows from you, after what you are presented with, is your creation.

The Universe’s design is flawless and for our benefit. When we are positively self- engaged in our lives, we create better lives for others too. What can be more beautiful than this? On the contrary, when we are negatively engaged with ourselves, we create non-helpful experiences for others.

It is then true that responsibility of one’s life rests upon no-one else, but self. When one rises above blaming others, complaining about others, justifying actions that are irresponsible, feeling victimized, then in that rise, one starts seeing the truth behind why situations arise or arose the way they did and what messages they held or hold for you.

Ask: Why am I bearer of this experience? What did it teach me? How can I consciously create new experience now, guided by that teaching?

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is an emotional healer and a forgiveness teacher. All the ideas expressed herein are her own and not professional advice or medical prescription. Her email: