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Last week, I wrote about closure. To continue on the subject, know that closure is possible in the present moment. All creation and re-creation is possible only in the present, not the past or the future.

In seeking closure, we allow things to go, we release the unhelpful energies out of our field, and keep only that is of value. What is of value? The learnings/lessons extracted from an experience. We let go of all things that don’t allow stepping in our desired future fully.

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When you think of an unhelpful past, you get hooked up to the energy-frequency of that past and start opening pages of the chapter. Similarly, in thinking of future, if it is riddled with uncertainty/anxiety energy-frequency, you start creating/writing with that vibration.

As reiterated in the last column, future becomes the past. It is in the present moment that one creates their future. If the present is loaded with toxic baggage of the past, imagine with what energy you create your future?

With whatever energy you create your future, be it discernment or misunderstanding, jealousy or admiration, anxiety or faith, you live with that. Until you decide to change something. If you observe, your words, actions, thoughts will follow as per the energy vibe you choose to keep. You can’t have two opposite emotions going at the same time. The one which dominates, will write/create your next moment.

You see now, how we create our own lives? Whatever is projected in our life is the outcome of our dominant thought-vibration, the feeling of that thought, which becomes physical reality. If I fear missing a turn on the road, and continue fearing, I certainly will miss the turn one day. Thoughts have to land as physical reality. With good-feeling thoughts, better/ desired experiences are projected.

Deliberate Decision

Many aren’t aware that letting go is a deliberate /conscious process. Even in awareness, the desired outcome is not attained, because the practice is weak. Old habits, attitudes take time to change. Feelings must change to experience closure.

When we let go of an energy, it is natural that a void will be created in that space. Void isn’t closure. So, what do we do? We fill it with the opposite emotion-feeling, practice it, increase it for the full closure experience. For example, when grudge is released, it opens up space for lighter energies of appreciation/ admiration/ compassion/ forgiveness. In homing these, the body will feel lighter, heart expanded, mind will feel free, fear will dissolve.

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Closure is meaningful

If you must visit a past event and open the pages of a chapter, give it intent, the reason of visiting. Ask: what is the purpose of my visit to this episode? Is it adding value to my life forward? How long do I want rendezvous with this past, a few hours or a few days?

Memories will exist. A memory gets activated when any sense/s in the present match to the frequency. A song can invoke certain memories and incidents, food aroma, hearing a word, watching or reading something, can invoke a memory. With each sense, emotions are associated.

In disciplining emotions, giving it intent and purpose, we guide and preserve our energy/ life-force. The senses learn selectivity. The phrase, ‘don’t get spent in the past’, carries sense. A lot of life force is spent when senses aimlessly wander in the low-feeling past(s). Hence, with intent, give closure to past, and flow to different/desired future.

Closure is not a concept or mouthed words or intellectualisation. It can’t be enforced on self or others. Closure is a feeling; it feels like contentment/fullness.