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Is there a relationship between diet and bad breath?

Yes, there is a relation between junk food and bad breath. To be more specific, most people with good oral hygiene experience bad breath because of indigestion or conditions such as gastroesophagal reflux disease with acidity, SIBO, issues with gall bladder and constipation arising from bad eating habits and eventually leading to lot of fermentation in the digestive tract. Ensure proper bowel movements by drinking plenty of water and include fibre-rich vegetables and fruits. You can also consider some cleansing preparations suitable for your body after consulting with your practitioner. Stay away from white flour-based foods and do not overindulge in sweets, junk food and fizzy drinks. Start your day by drinking plenty of water and having a healthy breakfast. 

I have a very poor appetite and don’t think I eat enough. What would you suggest?

If you are emotionally stable, have ruled out any endocrine (hormonal) or gastrointestinal disorders and you are not suffering from any other illnesses, it is most probably due to chronic indigestion and dyspepsia. What you probably need is a good cleansing. Use some fibre-based products or natural oil-based preparations for cleansing, preferably after consulting your practitioner. Drink lemon ginger water (add slices of lemon and ginger in boiled water) in the morning on waking up. Have warm clear soups with pepper and ginger added for couple of weeks. You can also take pineapple juice with a slice of ginger in the morning hours. A teaspoon mixture of lemon and ginger juice with a drop of honey can also help if taken two to three times a day.