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From the simplest to the more versatile ones, all fitness items from this company are highly professional for all types of workouts

Bespoke Ride — A gym that Shapes all levels of athletes

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Tell us more about Bespoke Ride.

BR Performance is a community-based sport and fitness studio with a mission to shape all levels of athletes, from the novice fitness enthusiast to competitive athletes. It focuses on sports performance training, supporting athletes across a wide range of sports, from endurance and racket sports (padel) to team sports such as football.

The BR method revolves around three main pillars - Community: aimed at bringing together a team of like-minded members and athletes to support one another towards redefining your limits; Coaching: BR continues to work towards attracting and retaining best-in-class coaches to guide the BR community toward getting 1 per cent Better Everyday; And finally, Science: BR members expect the best to be the best, adopting the latest proven training methods and partnering with the best technologies are what lead us towards partnering up with Technogym in order to guarantee results.

Why have you chosen Technogym for your gym?

BR prides itself on offering best-in-class coaching to our members and athletes. And so, the BR community expects the best, so fitting out the first GCC smart indoor cycling experience with Technogym’s skill bikes was an easy decision. Offering our community a real life cycling experience, an honest workout with endless possibilities of programming and real-life cycling routes to adopt. The BR Technogym indoor cycling experience is a one-of-a-kind experience for serious cyclists and fitness enthusiasts.

How has the advanced technology that Technogym incorporated improved overall customer satisfaction?

At BR we separate ourselves from your run-of-the-mill gym by treating every unique member differently. BR is not a one-size-fits-all training centre that treats everyone who walks through our doors the same. With Technogym skill bikes, our members are able to enjoy the energy of a group cycle or fitness class while training according to their very own personal power and HR zones, making the most out of their workout. Train smart, not just hard!

Is there a favourite program among your customers?

We cannot separate one programme overall. But what leads to both the enhanced customer experience and results is the variety of the programming the Technogym skill bike allows for. Putting together great coaching with a piece of technology like this, results are guaranteed. And so, a typical BR week would combine a mix of (1) Pre-set workout where your bike’s resistance is automatically adjusted throughout the session according to the individual’s unique fitness level, (2) Gradient based course rides, allowing riders to shift gears as if riding through a hilly or mountainous terrain (3) A fun and interactive racecourse where members can see their avatar live on the screen, competing with fellow riders to end the week on a high!


51 Gym — There’s something for everyone

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Tell us about 51 Gym.

51 Gym Dubai is your one-stop fitness destination at the centre of Dubai in the new Al Wasl 51 development. Whether you’re a beginner or a fitness fanatic, or you want to build muscle or stretch things out, there’s something for you here. If private PT sessions are more your thing, they’re available too. 51 Gym Dubai is run off passion and hard work, Michael Oyac and his team have put 15 years of experience into creating “our perfect gym”.

Why did you choose Technogym for your gym equipment?

Technogym has the best equipment design that fits our gym vision and the support that Technogym provides.

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How has the equipment enhanced your customers’ experience?

Technogym software has facilitated a lot of our members’ training. Everything being connected under one application is a must. Having the Mywellness app, where you can track and store your workouts and body analysis has been received very well by our members.

Do your trainers have a favourite equipment from Technogym?

We have a big range of trainers from strength, passing by boxing and performance training to stretching and pilates. Everyone has their favourite piece of equipment, the strength coaches love the hammer strength line leg press, our performance coaches love the skill mill line, and our zen coaches love the Omnia stations.