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Doctors and specialists at Novomed lay emphasis on the importance of diabetes care and prevention to avoid serious complications

Need to change habits

Wearable contact lenses that continuously measure your blood sugar are improving every year. Changing habits is an art and a science. The role of ketogenic diets, ginger, cinnamon, caffeine, and hundreds of other tips are included in an easy-to-read 32-page free booklet that can be downloaded from the Novomed website .

Bariatric surgery as a cure

Samir Rahmani
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“Bariatric surgery, especially when performed early may cure diabetes. We offer a two year follow up program with our team to minimise the risks of nutritional imbalances and maximise the long-term success rate.”

Dr Samir Rahmani, Consultant General Surgeon at Novomed

Skin health in diabetic patients

Tara Bardawil
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“Nerve damage and compromised microcirculation lends to more yeast infections, skin dryness and accelerated skin aging. We recommend special moisturising products and unique non-invasive procedures to rehydrate the skin.There is no beauty without skin beauty."

Dr Tara Bardawil, Specialist Dermatologist at Novomed

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a serious concern

Jorg Schuller
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“ED also stands for Early Death. Erectile dysfunction is more common in diabetics and is frequently followed, five years later, by strokes and heart attacks. We use the latest medications, hormone rebalancing and unique technologies to improve ED that can break marriages, while addressing the underlying medical conditions.”

Dr Jorg Schuller, Urologist at Novomed

Dry mouth, dry nose and sinus infections

Emad Atassi
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“Dry nose can be improved with regular drops of normal saline. High blood sugar leads to more sinus infections and headaches. Dry mouth, which can lead to bad breath, can be improved with sugar free chewing gum that contains artificial sugar. However, excessive sugar-free chewing gum can create fermentation leading to gas and diarrhoea.”

Dr Emad Atassi, Consultant Ear Nose and Throat at Novomed

Diabetes, depression and Alzheimer’s

Anne Vehmas
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“Diabetic patients are frequently frustrated due to medical visits be it for dialysis, painful neuropathies, loss of memory and increased risk of Alzheimer’s. Their frustration is understandable and can be rechanneled towards more positive and challenging goals.”

Dr Anne Vehmas, Consultant Neurologist

Brain stroke prevention

Jumana Karim
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“Treating strokes within the first four golden hours may prevent permanent disability. Diabetes is a risk factor for stroke. A carotid doppler ultrasound can detect narrowing of the carotid arteries and allow for treatment before stroke occurs, which is cost effective.”

Dr Jomana Karim, Family Practice consultant, Novomed

Blindness and heart attacks

Mark Janowsky
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“Our executive check-ups are designed to suit most budgets, busy schedules and underlying medical conditions. They include eye and dental check ups. Early detection of glaucoma, cataract and retinal myopathy may prevent blindness. Routine dental checks may prevent Alzheimer’s and heart attacks.”

Dr Mark Janowski, Internal Medicine, Novomed

Diabetes, painful haemorrhoids and fissures

Dr Kateryna Shapovalova
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“60 per cent of diabetics must deal with constipation. Nerve damage, medications, slow blood flow and a diet low in fiber all contribute to the increased incidence of piles and fissures. When conservative therapy fails, a general surgeon who is experienced in proctology can use the latest laser technology to maximize the success of the procedure, which is frequently performed under local anesthesia and mild IV sedation.”

Dr Kateryna Shapovalova, Specialist General Surgeon, Novomed Centers

Diabetes and vaginal dryness and infections

Zenat Nazzal
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“Diabetes and its complications can lower women interest and ability to enjoy intimate relationship with her partner. For some, vaginal dryness can make intercourse uncomfortable or even painful. Causes include nerve damage, reduced blood flow, recurrent yeast infections, medications, hormonal changes or menopause. We have multiple solutions that may include effective and minimally invasive laser sessions that can be done as an office procedure.”

Dr Zenat Nazzal, consultant obstetrics and gynaecology, Novomed Centers