Ankur and Priyanka Modi. Image Credit: Supplied

Indian designers Ankur and Priyanka Modi behind the label AM:PM haven’t shied away from using Bollywood stars as clotheshorses, but they are confident that their brand identity isn’t defined by celebrities.

In the now-deleted post, noted Indian designer Rohit Bal slammed the Indian fashion industry for its unhealthy dependence on Bollywood and termed it as “bastardising of the Indian fashion”.

But AM:PM designer Priyanka doesn’t subscribe to his belief and dubs it as a “win-win” situation.

Actress JAcqueline Fernandez in an AM:PM gown.

Designers get protracted visibility and access when the stars cherry-pick their creations and consumers feel an instant connecttion when they see their idols wearing clothes that speak to their personality.

“Our brand is not dependent on any Bollywood star. But if a customer feels a lot more aspirational value when they see a star wearing a certain design, there’s a certain feel-good factor there,” said Modi in an interview before her trunk show in the UAE.

“As long as the designers aren’t dependent on Bollywood stars to run their business, then it’s all good… Why should we look down on them?” asked Priyanka, who recently showcased at the Lakme India Fashion Week.

While the husband-wife designers aren’t into wedding couture, they will roll out their collection that was showcased on the ramp in Mumbai. The Gypset collection and Qalb, inspired from the arts and crafts of Madhya Pradhesh will weave its way into Dubai. They are also partial to prints.

Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt in an AM:PM creation.

“We are constantly reinventing. Subtlety and elegance is of prime importance before anything else… Prints have to be effective and even though people lean towards embroidery, our prints make our designs unique,” said Priyanka. Minimal embroidery, separates and flexible silhouettes is their mainstay.

Their collection is dominated by boyfriend jackets, capes and bottoms that highlight the waist. Here’s a rapid fire with the designer as she makes her way to Dubai for her exhibit:

What colour should I wear this season?

Deep wine and tan. These colours are experimental and beautiful.

What material should we gravitate towards this season?

Silks and organzas.

What’s the must-have season staple?

Boyfriend jackets, pleated pants and our paperbag dhotis work well.

What’s one fashion trend that you truly dislike?

I could never stand kurtis. Even though they are functional garments, it’s in the middle of nowhere where a shirt has been made into this boxy silhouette.

Are shoulder pads in or out?

Definitely in. Shoulder pads give you an elevated posture and there’s a bit of a man in a woman.

If I could buy one thing tomorrow, what should it be, and what should I dump?

A boyfriend jacket is something you should own and dump anything that isn’t flattering to your body type. Wear what suits your body type and occasion.

What do you think of airport looks that Bollywood stars are scrutinised for?

I don’t see why there is so much fuss about what you wear to the airport… On the bright side, what the Bollywood stars wear to the airport is functional and what an average consumer can wear. So that’s good. They have a certain ease and people should follow the same. Sometimes, people are overdressed for the airport and there’s no requirement other than wearing clothes that help you relax.

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