The mother and daughter at their Al Barsha apartment, which they have to vacate next week. Image Credit: Atiq ur Rehman/Gulf News

Dubai: A jobless single mother from Azerbaijan and her 15-year-old daughter are staring at the prospect of being rendered homeless after being served an eviction notice over unpaid rent.

Alyona (name changed on request), 45, who claims to have exhausted all her savings, said she and her daughter will have no roof over their head from next week.

“We are living on borrowed time. I have used all my savings and sold all my jewellery to keep the kitchen fire burning. We have nothing left now,” said the long-time Dubai resident.

Alyona had been doing odd freelancing assignments since losing her job in 2011 but now that they have dried up, she said she has resorted to selling her household items.

Selling household goods

“Last week we tried to raise some money by selling our stuff at the Friday Market. But for all our troubles we barely managed to earn Dh100. Obviously it was not enough,” said Alyona whose passport has been confiscated by immigration authorities for overstaying her visa.

“It’s a Catch-22 situation. Neither can I find a job nor can I return to my home country as my passport is with immigration authorities and I have raked up Dh45,000 in immigration fines. My daughter is also stuck because under Azerbaijani laws, children remain on their mother’s passport till they are 16 years old.”

Some Good Samaritans have pitched in with her school fees. Her Grade X exams are around the corner but she’s got far bigger issues to worry about.

“How can I think about studies when we don’t know where our next meal is going to come from,” said her daughter.

Alyona said she‘s banking on the generosity of UAE residents during Ramadan to help her tide over the crisis. “We are really desperate and can do with a little help,” she said.