Mr. Asif Iqbal Shaikh of Dubai says:

I have been following up on the status of my e-life migration with etisalat since the end of May 2010, but have not received any positive response.

I must have placed no less than 14 to 15 calls to their Customer Care number(101). However, every single time I've got a different excuse as to why the migration has not been done.

One reason was the form was incomplete (the confirmation was given on phone and the form would have been an internal one filled in by etisalat itself).

Another reason given was that there is no fiber optic connection available in my building (which I confirmed to the representative that it has been installed for the past two years). Yet another reason [from etisalat] was that there seems to be some technical glitch and their technical department is working on it.

Another representative informed me that etisalat is waiting to receive some information from me. It might be a good idea to at least let me know what information they needed from me and not wait for me to keep calling them.

To add insult to injury, I have received no less than 10 calls from etisalat's call centre to inquire if I would like to apply for an e-life connection. I have received no communication from the etisalat Customer Care after June 17.

The management of etisalat responds:

This is to inform you that the customer has been contacted and been explained to that the additional line would be provided as soon it gets implemented from the Marketing [department] - as was told to him initially by the sales representative. He was concerned about the time of launch of the additional line. Therefore, we informed him that he would come to know about it at the time of the launch.

Moreover, the customer is using his own private modem from the market and it's functioning with e-life service. As a result, he has an option of remaining with the same or to buy etisalat's modem. Accordingly, he has decided to stick to his own modem and avoid the additional charges.

The customer's concerns have been clarified and he has agreed to stay with the service.


Mr. Asif responds:

Gulf News intervention has helped in a much bigger way. My upgrade happened in a few days from the letter sent to Gulf News.

With regards to the modem, it appears that they seemed to have missed the fact that the sales representative clearly told me that I would have to use the etisalat provided modem and that my personal modem would not work as it is a wireless modem and to which I immediately agreed.

When the representative from etisalat called on Thursday and told me that if my present modem is working fine then an etisalat modem is not required. He further told me that an application for a modem has not even been logged in their system. He asked if I would like to apply for the etisalat modem. I replied that if my modem is working fine then I do not need an etisalat modem.