I would like to share my experience with First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB).

I resigned from my previous job in August 2017, and during that time, I called the bank and informed them about it. They told me I did not have to worry and asked me to submit the new offer letter.

I submitted all the available documents at that time, but my account was still frozen. I visited their main branch in Abu Dhabi and they asked me to submit the new visa, Emirates ID and salary transfer letter. At the time, it was too early to submit the requested documents, but a week later, I could submit them.

Even after I submitted the documents, there was no action taken by the bank. I visited the branch again and they informed me that the amount would be released only after the first salary is credited.

The first salary was credited on November 1, but the amount was still not released. The new requirements from the bank were to wait until the probation period ends.

The bank has simply utilised my money for the past two months and are charging interest on my credit card. I would be grateful if Gulf News could raise this issue and get it resolved.

From Mr Saleesh Pindiyedath

Abu Dhabi

The management of FAB responds:

FAB supports the growth ambitions of its stakeholders and goes beyond financial products and services, and as such, we are grateful for all customer feedback as we strive to consistently deliver the highest standards of service.

FAB has been in contact with Mr Pindiyedath via email, and informed him that his end of service (EOS) settlement will be held by the bank until the customer is confirmed in his new employment, rather than transferred in partial settlement of the loan, as a gesture of goodwill. In the meantime, Mr Pindiyedath has full access to his account.

(Process initiation: November 27. Response from organisation: December 11. Process completion: December 18.)

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