• From cricket to #InternationalYogaDay, see what trended this week

Social media users discussed the UAE’s new gold visa initiative. On #InternationalYogaDay, users discussed the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle. In India, a Muslim man was lynched, which created outrage online, while the plight of Indian farmers continues to worsen. In Pakistan, a detergent company was trolled for an advertisment challenging gender stereotypes.

1. UAE gold visa

On May 21, the UAE started issuing long-term residence visas enabling foreign investors and talents to live, work and study in the UAE without a sponsor. A total of four hundred golden visas have been handed out in the UAE so far. Residents were happy with this new initiative.


NAsir Ahmed: Well done

Taylor Damian: Good news

2. #InternationalYogaDay

On International Yoga Day, June 21, people discussed the importance of including yoga as a form of exercise in one’s daily routine.



Yoga truly is a journey of self, through the self, to the self…#InternationalYogaDay2019 #InternationalYogaDayOfYoga #yogaday

RDS_190629 Farmer suicide-1561882415260

3. Indian farmer crisis

Farmers in India are committing suicide because the government failed to provide them with provisions for their crops. A farmer recorded a video before consuming poison where he targets ministers and comments on the lack of loan waivers given.



Today, I am extremely hurt when seing the irony of #IndianFarmers. A farmer who has already lost his leg, still guards at night to protect his crop from wandering animals mostly cows. @RahulGandhi ji @narendramodi must insure farmers first, to make sustainable development.

4. Mob lynching in India

Online users were outraged after a viral video of a Muslim man being tied and beaten by a mob went viral. Tabrez Ansari was brutally thrashed by a mob in suspicion of theft. He succumbed to his injuries and died on June 22.

RDS_190629 Mob Lynch-1561882417068



Shocking video in which a mob is heard forcing a badly beaten Tabrez Ansari to chant ‘Jai Shri Ram’ and ‘Jai Hanuman’. What sort of lynch mob “justice” is this? A thief must be handed over to police, what is this public barbarism?

5. #BoycottAriel goes viral in Pakistan

International detergent brand Ariel came under fire for an advertisement questioning gender stereotypes in Pakistan. While some users thought the content was empowering, others thought it was insulting to Islam.



This Ariel ad has no issue in it and it just shows that women should not be stuck to these societal stigmas. These are not the only things that a woman is supposed to do. I see today and see the worst #trending “boycottAriel”….