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Social media users emphasised on the importance of properly representing minorities. However, there were those who believed majorities can also be under-represented.

@fluentindetail: The minorities need to be represented in every walk of life including entertainment and in politics. There is no justification to live in such a backward world in 2019.

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@kamaedwards: Position, being an actor in a film, to do something that I would say is problematic and has the potential to reach to so many young people. There is so little representation of ethnic minorities in media so we have to make sure that they are well represented when they are.

@Climatearticles: How do the voices of the disenfranchised minorities and the poor get represented in the parliament?

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@davidfrawleyved: Hindus must be as political as any other religious group - and all religious groups are political today - or they will simply be disenfranchised. Hindu politics and a Hindu vote is an essential component of the fabric of India.

@bridgettehylton: Why are people so afraid that minorities or majority minorities may be represented by people who share their identity.