I have been using a National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD) credit card since May 2011. I have a very good payment history and track record with them.

In September 2014, I bought an iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus through Apple’s online store and the total amount was Dh5,988. Later, in the beginning of October 2014, I noticed that the Apple online store deducted Dh5,988 twice from my credit card. Immediately I called the Apple online store contact centre and they informed me that I would need to check with my bank. I made a call to NBAD and they advised that I should pay this amount and visit any branch to submit a dispute application. I made the payment and the dispute form was submitted in the first week of November 2014. The branch advised me that it would take 60 to 90 days for the investigation and refund. Meanwhile, they blocked my credit card and replaced it with a new one. I received the new card the next week.

My concern was that if a customer fails to make the full payment or minimum payment by the due date, the bank will charge late payment fees and interest as well.

Now, it has been four months and the bank is holding my Dh5,988 and they haven’t given me any update. Whenever I checked with their call centre, they advised me to check with the concerned branch. Whenever I go to the branch, they say there is no update from the concerned department. I sent a reminder e-mail to the concerned department and they told me to come after two days. When I went after two days, I heard the same story. This has happened with me five times within the past two months. The last date I visited the branch was on February 26, and still, the status remains the same.

I would highly appreciate it, if Gulf News could help me resolve this issue.

From Mr Shaiju Shams Al Deen

Abu Dhabi


The management of NBAD responds:

Mr Shaiju Shams Al Deen purchased two iPhones through the Apple Store each costing Dh2,999 and both of these transactions were claimed by the merchant only in October, 2014.

We contacted Mr Shaiju on May 7 and provided him with credit card statements from August, 2014 to January, 2015. We walked him through each of the statements to ensure clarity on each of his transactions and assured him that he was charged only once for both the transactions in question. We recommended to him to review all the statements and revert back to us for any further clarification.

We also took the opportunity in reviewing the conversation Mr Shaiju had with NBAD Contact Centre Agent and we did notice that there was a misunderstanding on the question raised by Mr Shaiju, and the Contact Centre Agent informed Mr Shaiju incorrectly by guiding him to the branch to register a transaction dispute, which was not necessary. Our Service Quality team has already addressed this matter with the respective agent.

Following our initial conversation with Mr Shaiju, we have been trying to reach him again since May 10, 2015 to confirm his satisfaction on the matter, but he is not responding to our calls.

Of course, we would be happy to meet him personally and clarify any further doubt. Thank you once again for your continuous support. 

(Process initiation: March 8. Response from organisation: May 12. Process completion: May 12.)

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