Want to show your concern for the environment? How about wearing a t-shirt that says, "This is a Green shirt"? People have always looked for unique ways to express themselves or to highlight something they care about.

Some might find such t-shirts amusing while others might find them offensive. Do you know anyone who owns a t-shirt with a quirky statement? How do you think such statements reflect the different values and beliefs of today's society?

People have become desensitised to vulgar messages on garments.

In today's modern culture, it has become normal to see people wearing t-shirts with different slogans or images. People might wear such t-shirts to promote things like their beliefs or something they care about. What they wear might not be offensive to some; then again, others might have a problem with t-shirts that may seem vulgar to them.
John Parker
Abu Dhabi

Everyone has become used to seeing such images or reading such statements, so they don't react anymore. Because of that, people who wear such t-shirts are usually ignored by others or are given just a quick glance and then forgotten. When I see t-shirts with such statements on them, I don't really react because I'm used to such things.
Selbi Gokiyewa

Many people nowadays speak in slang and use rude words or statements in their daily conversations. It has come to the point that people don't mind such language or just ignore it. But some people might react if the statement was a bit extreme, such as having racist messages or obscene images. I usually ignore people wearing such t-shirts.
Jayshinh Satir

Not everyone reacts to rude or vulgar statements on t-shirts but there are some who might if they found them offensive. It depends mostly on the message and how people from different cultures react to it. I don't think that such t-shirts are vulgar but rather they reflect the personality of the person wearing them.
Fathia Jiddawy

T-shirts with quirky one-liners add an edge to the wearer's personality.

My friend is an environmentalist and she always wears t-shirts with "green" slogans. They show others what her beliefs are and what ideas she's promoting. Some people might wear t-shirts with such phrases as a way to get attention while others might wear them as a way to reveal part of their personality – plus such t-shirts are humorous to read.
Gemma Parker
Abu Dhabi

It depends on how confident a person is. If they are confident enough with the attention they receive, then they could wear such t-shirts. Also, people who wear them should also have a good sense of humour because they can laugh off the slogans and the attention they get from them. People might also wear such t-shirts to advertise what they like or dislike.
Sarah Jubran

People who wear such t-shirts don't do it to add an edge to their personalities but rather do that so that they get attention. They might want others to look and maybe talk to them about what's written on the t-shirt. But most of the time they don't wear them as a reflection of themselves but just as a fashion statement.
Mujtaba Khimji

Some people wear such t-shirts as a way to reveal something they believe in, their way of life or their character. When they do that, it adds something extra to the person wearing it and people might talk to him or her. However, there are others who wear t-shirts with slogans just as a way to get attention or because it's fashionable.
Prince Daniel

Teenagers usually favour clothes with offensive messages to convey rebellion.

It's more of a fashion statement than a form of rebellion. People who wear such slogans don't do so to express themselves. Rather, they wear them so they can hide behind the messages. Nowadays, many people wear such t-shirts because they are available in stores and because others wear them as well. It's about being up to date with the latest trends.
Garen Amir
Abu Dhabi

I always wore t-shirts that had images or statements written on them, but nothing vulgar or offensive. I still prefer wearing such t-shirts. I don't think that teenagers nowadays prefer to wear them to rebel but rather because everyone is wearing such t-shirts. It's become normal to wear clothes with something printed on it.
Ergul Gaytiamli

It's more about being funky than rebelling. People, especially teenagers, like wearing these kinds of t-shirts because it causes people to look at them. Another reason is because they like t-shirts with statements on them. Teenagers don't wear t-shirts with offensive messages to rebel; they wear them because they're fashionable.
Fatima Ali

I don't think that teenagers wear t-shirts with rude statements on them to rebel. Nowadays, there are many brands that sell t-shirts with different slogans on them so people are used to seeing different statements and images. For many, such t-shirts aren't offensive anymore. Teenagers wear t-shirts with slogans on them to show brand loyalty or to be fashionable rather than to send a message.
Tania Shaikh

People wear t-shirts with rude sentences because that is the only way they can get attention.

Some people would wear such t-shirts to get attention but others wear them as a form of expression or art. I wear t-shirts with statements on them as a way to get attention and also as a way to express myself. T-shirts with such slogans are unique so people would look to see what was written on them.
Christian Agures
Abu Dhabi

It's not just to get attention but also sometimes to show that you are fashionable. Nowadays, people are used to seeing such statements or images on t-shirts so they don't really notice them anymore. People who wear such t-shirts might wear it as a way to get attention but they indirectly reveal aspects of their character depending on what is written on the t-shirt.
Abdullah Kayani

There are people who wear them to get attention and there are some who don't care if they attract attention, they just wear them to promote something. They shouldn't be taken seriously because it's just a shallow reflection of their personality. There are some who wear such t-shirts even though they don't really agree with the statement or the image.
Evengiya Goncharova

People who wear such t-shirts do it not only for the attention but also as a way to be unique. Also, t-shirts with statements can also reflect their mood. If they are happy then they would wear something with a nice statement or something classic but if they were upset then they would wear something graphic that reflects their mood.
Huseyn Nadirov