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Online shoppers can choose from four delivery options, including “click&collect”, says Cornelius Durm Image Credit: Supplied

Shopping online is a sure time saver and a convenient solution to find everything you need without having to wait in a queue. In the UAE, Early Bird ( is a trusted name for e-shoppers as the first to introduce the online grocery concept in the country. Since opening in 2006, Early Bird has been growing its product range specialising in essentials that should always be available in every household and are mainly heavy or bulky.

Early Bird does not limit the number ordered per article and provides delivery options for all customer needs, whether for homes, offices or hotels. “Customers can choose at their convenience from four delivery options, including click&collect,” says Cornelius Durm, managing partner of Early Bird. “Customers who collect their order at Early Bird’s warehouses receive a discount on the articles.”

Early Bird is also known for its environmentally friendly innovations. For its imported premium natural mineral water from Germany, Early Bird introduced a system where empty bottles and crates are collected from the customers for cleaning, sanitation and reuse. Besides the zero-waste effect, the carbon footprint is significantly lower than single-use glass bottles, not to mention plastic bottles that end up in landfills or the sea.