Working women
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Social media users discussed how they would feel if the wife of the household earns more than the husband. Some questioned whether sentiments have changed over time.

Here's what Facebook users thought...

Deep Sahota: Not at all it would be proud moment.

Imran Ahmad Khan: As partners we should be investing in each other futures. Could be monetary or not but it shall never hurt rather it shall give us a sense of strength and satisfaction that we both have created an environment positive enough that we both excelled!

Khadijah S. Alamoradi: No. He would be happy for me and support me all the way, Same would I. I would love to see my partner successful and will always support him to the top.

Muhammad Raza: Don’t be jealous from her. She is your life partner not your competitor.

Todd Gray: Start seeing women as equal and the stress will vanish. That is, unless one is a caveman.

Here's what a tweep wrote...

@keretapi11mar89: Just wondering nowadays...

How many women can accept their boyfriend/husband earning less than them, and how many men can accept their girlfriend/wife earning more than them? - feeling curious