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What you need to know:

  • Do women play a part in reinforcing patriarchal values?

Many social media users thought that women play a part in reinforcing patriarchal values. While some believe that the marginalised should not be held responsible.



Women are also very capable of upholding patriarchy. A woman holding a position of power and using it to enable misogyny...


This is a reminder of who and what enables and protects patriarchy. When you see women enable and protect patriarchy, ask what are they getting from it? What crumbs has it thrown them that they have accepted?


Can we acknowledge that patriarchy is propagated by everyone and women who enable it with the men in their lives are not justifications but indications of how pervasive its brainwashing is?


Patriarchy doesn’t start because of men alone, but also by the women who enable them. What’s the point of having a female leader if she doesn’t speak for us?


It’s not up to women to educate men on sexism and patriarchy. It’s up to men to challenge other men on their views and behaviours.