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  • Social media users highlighted the importance of emotionally catering to children

Largely, social media users agreed that emotionally catering to children is an important aspect of raising them. Some shared their own experience with parenting.


Mahnaaz Sheikh: While some parents have adopted technology as their babysitter, overall I still feel parents are a bit more receptive to their children’s emotional needs. It’s because of education, awareness and knowledge.


@malikaxotwod: Growing up not loving or valuing yourself can literally affect the rest of your life. I have to pour love into my future children, it’s imperative that they know their worth at a young age.

@SounguiFitness: We must teach our children the importance of being loving and be that example for them.

@HFHarvard: #TheHumanFlourishingProgram at #Harvard is revealing a new study that shows a strong connection between higher parental warmth in childhood and greater flourishing in mid-life.

@BethFratesMD: We struggle when our children are younger because we want to do the ‘right’ thing. Turns out being warm and loving may be the most important thing to do....

@RogerStark7: Studies show that children do best when they have at least three loving and supportive adult influences in their lives. #NationalChildrensDay.