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  • Was the #MeToo movement effective in India?

Social media users from India discussed the importance of having social justice movements such as Me Too movement in the country. Many shared what changes it has brought in the country and what aspects are yet to be dealt with.



Me Too movement failed in India money and political power overides law...


Sadly there were so many other instances of this in India a year ago. So many actors were named in the Me Too movement. A year later, they’re back making movies or being cast in them. All is well!


Pretty interesting how the Me Too movement has reached India finally...


...It even shows the failure of #MeTooIndia when the victims are not able to get justice. Nobody to fight against the insensitive handling of cases and lack of action. The perpetrators are going scot free. Such incidents put a big question mark over the Me Too movement in India and its impact.


Ok I would like address a serious issue here. I know all the me too movement has come to India and I don’t know the degree of impact it had in the film industry, but the problem lies deeper here in India. These things happen in our institutions, colleges...