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  • Would you consume food past its expiry date? Social media users debate

Social media users discussed the significance of expiry dates on food. Many of them highlighted that such guidelines might not indicate the freshness of the food accurately.


Just used milk in my tea that was past its expiry date #prayforme


I have this bad habit of checking the expiry date on a food item after I must have finished eating it.


Just found a bag of hot dog buns in the back of my pantry that expired four months ago.

Here’s the thing. They still looked soft and perfect, which ... if you think about it is infinitely more disturbing than if they had been completely moldy and desiccated.


Being fair, there’s not much science behind expiry dates on food or even most medicines. if the buns were kept in their packaging and dry, then they most likely wouldn’t have mold on them. they might taste stale though.


Regardless those expiry dates don’t really mean much. Food can expire before those dates or long after those dates.