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  • Do you think people use photo filters alot? Social media responds.

Social media users discussed some reasons why people choose to use photo filters. While some highlighted that using them does not have an effect on their self-confidence.



I wish I was pretty enough to take pictures without filters.


Filters + retouching:

You can remove imperfections and add cute filters.

Take lots of pictures and choose your favourites:

Having few options limits you when choosing the “perfect selfie”.

Know your audience:

Post at the most convenient time, when there are more people online.


Why do people use dog filters for picture. Asking for a friend!


I’m sorry but I can’t take pictures without filters.


It’s so cool looking at the same picture with different colour filters.


A city tour of #Rabat. Well you know a city is beautiful when you add zero edits and filters to it’s pictures.


So what if I wear a lot of make-up and use filters on my pictures? At least I can go in public without make-up and still have the same confidence.


In person, most people don’t even look like their photos or videos online. Don’t let filters, angles or photoshop fool you.