Kay Ivanova ‘Pensive’ Ten-year-old Agatha was once a loved pet until her family moved and abandoned her [Illustrative purposes] Image Credit: Supplied

What you need to know:

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38 Smiles

Samba is a four-month-old who is a Saluki mix. She is fully vaccinated and microchipped. She is sweet, playful, and eager to learn new commands and tricks. She likes to spend time outdoors so a family with a villa with a garden would be ideal. She also likes being around children.


38 Smiles

She is a four-year-old British Shorthair mix. She is fullyyl vaccinated, microchipped and spayed. Sleeping on a pillow or sunbathing under the warm sun are her favourite activities. Kiki is easy going, quiet and low maintenance.

Kiki the cat Image Credit: Supplied


38 Smiles

Twix is an 11-year-old Arabian Mau. Twix is fully vaccinated, microchipped and neutered. He has a round face, pointed ears, expressive eyes, silky smooth shiny black fur, big paws and a white belly. Twix is playful and social with humans.

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Twix the cat Image Credit: Supplied