Minnie Image Credit: Supplied

K9 Friends

Found abandoned with her siblings and mother, Jesse is a female pup who was born in June. She will be medium-sized when grown and will be neutered by K9 Friends when she is six months old. But she is already vaccinated and microchipped. For details, call K9 Friends at 04 8878739.

38 Smiles

Minnie has some food allergies due to which she gets red, itchy spots on her skin. But, her condition can be controlled on a special diet. She is an adorable and loving three-year-old Arabian Mau. She is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. For details, contact 38 Smiles on their Facebook Page www.facebook.com/38Smiles/ or via email to info@38smiles.com.

Friends of RAKAWC

Ruby is a female mixed breed pup who was found on the streets and brought to our centre not long ago. She immediately charmed everyone with her sweet, friendly and cheerful personality. She loves being around people and she will surely be a great companion to almost any family. For details, contact Friends of RAKAWC on their Facebook Page www.facebook.com/friendsofrakawvc/ or vie email at info@rakawc.