Disposing of fallen trees and branches correctly is an important aspect of a safe environment, according to Gulf News reader Reema Ahuja. Image Credit: Reema Ahuja/Gulf News Reader

Recently, I noticed trees and their branches lying neglected near the roadside for many days. In such instances, they are finally picked up by Municipal workers after they partially [biodegrade].

Even as we talk about planting more plants and trees to stop global warming, we are getting to see such ugly scenes on roads.

The picture of branches disposed of by the roadside was taken in the Karama area of Dubai. I don't know whether such branches come from trees that are cut down by someone or fall on their own, but they are definitely not taken care of or picked up on time.

Earlier, I noticed such scenes in Satwa and Bur Dubai area. Proper disposal of such trees at the right time is required. Whether disposing of fallen trees this way pose any danger to the people walking on the road or not, they definitely are a threat to the environment.

It is time we wake up and replant trees or [appropriately dispose of] those that have been removed, if we really care about the environment.


— The reader is a freelance writer, based in Dubai