Over due
I am an ADCB credit card holder and [I regularly service my] account. Last month, the amount due on my credit card was Dh1,581.68 [and it was] to be paid by October 5, 2010. Due to my vision problem I thought it was Dh1,561.68 and paid Dh1,570 on September 29, 2010. On October 11, 2010 I got a message that my account [was] overdue. Immediately I called the bank and found the problem — that I paid Dh11 short [of what was due]. I paid another Dh20 on the same day. I told them the reason and requested [that] no late payment fee be charged on this, and the [bank executive] told me it would be considered.
[However,] when the statement came they charged me [a] late payment fee of Dh150 and told me my request [had been] declined. [My payment was] only Dh11 short [and for a delay of only] five days they took Dh150. Anyone can understand that it is a genuine case and ADCB, [which is] such a reputable bank, should not treat a customer like this. So I request Gulf News to forward this mail to the concerned and the late payment fee may please be reversed.
From Mr Ponmanichi Abdullah

ADCB Corporate Communications responds:
Please be advised that the customer has been contacted by our Quality Unit, [which] informed him that after investigating the issue, the late payment fee reversal [was] not possible in his case since he has been charged as per the bank’s policy. [The] case is closed.

Mr Abdullah responds:
ADCB called and told me that the late payment fee cannot be reversed as per bank policy. I know there are a lot of cases where the genuine cases were considered by the banks. I don’t know why in this case they are so adamant. This is a real mistake, which must be considered by a reputable bank. Anyhow I will be cancelling [both my] ADCB accounts which I [hold] by next month. Thank you for the initiative by Gulf News in this matter.

ADCB Corporate Communications responds:
Our Quality Unit and Retail Collection Unit have reviewed the customer’s case once again, having done so at the time the complaint was raised. The complaint was fully assessed and evaluated in line with the bank’s existing policies, and in this case, the late payment charge was not reversed. As the minimum payment was not paid on time, this is in line with ADCB’s policy on credit card payments, and [applies] to all customers.
ADCB has around 590,000 retail customers in the UAE, and in its efforts to make sure all customers receive a fair service, it keeps a regular and open channel of communication through its Customer Service Department. Each complaint is addressed through the same process of evaluation based on its specific circumstances, in order to best provide an appropriate response to the customer. ADCB does not apply preferential treatment to individual customers.

ATM deposit
I deposited [an amount around] Dh14,000 plus at [a] cash deposit machine at Sharjah airport branch on January 9. Unfortunately [for me], the machine accepted the money but the receipt showed that the transaction [had] not [been] completed and [asked me to] contact the branch on 600540000, which I duly did. But to this date [January 17] I have not received my money in my account. I [have] called them regularly and they [have put] me [on] hold for a long time and [then proceeded to give me] the same standard reply [that] in two working days [my issue] will be solved. I am surprised that such a reputable bank, [which] has [an] ATM at every corner [of] the emirates, has such a lousy service. I had to return from my holiday trip because [I] had to pay the shop rent and the landlord did not hold my cheque. Subsequently, I had to pay Dh1,000 as a penalty for holding the cheque. I request Gulf News to help me out from this mess as I am in too much distress.
From Mr Lokhandwalla Shabir Ismail

The management of Emirates NBD responds:
We are pleased to inform you that Mr Ismail’s complaint has been resolved and he was informed accordingly. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the customer for providing us with your feedback and regret the inconvenience caused.

Mr Ismail responds:
I received confirmation that the said amount has been credited [to] my account. My [heartfelt] thanks and blessings to the Gulf News team. You are doing a wonderful job.

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