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This is about a case with etisalat that I was unable to solve with them directly.

In 2010 I had paid Dh2,000 roaming deposit for my then personal prepaid mobile number. I have changed jobs since and my number has travelled with me and was registered under different company names. Today the number is registered under my employer. Etisalat seems to have refunded the deposit to my former employer – however, this company never paid the deposit and received the refund by mistake of etisalat.

I have tried for years now with etisalat to rectify this situation and receive my deposit back, but to no avail. Several complaint cases were opened under their personal and corporate services (and closed) but I was still not refunded my Dh2,000.

From Mr Oliver Menge


The management of etisalat responds: The customer deposited Dh2,000 in October 2010 towards a refundable roaming deposit for which he used the services.

In 2013, the customer requested for a name change and upon changing, an adjustment was made to the outstanding invoice with the roaming deposit. Therefore the deposit was refunded as per the customer’s request against the pending invoice, and there is no pending deposit with etisalat.

Mr Menge responds: Many thanks for your efforts with this.

(Process initiation: February 14, 2019. Response from organisation: February 19, 2019. Reader confirmation: February 20, 2019.)

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