Student at Our Own English High School in Sharjah organised Nutrition Week to raise awareness about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. Image Credit:

Together as a society, we often reminisce about the days when there seemed to be fewer diseases that affected us.

From teenagers to grandparents, many of us have to wake up from our slumber as it’s high time we become health-conscious before it’s too late. Children nowadays prefer having their meals at restaurants because they don’t have the patience to eat what is cooked at home. Parents are forced to buy junk food for their children all the time or else you would hear them yelling and crying. The question that we need to ask ourselves is — do we care about our health?

In order to combat this problem and create social awareness right from scratch, the Home Science pupils of Our Own English High School, Sharjah, came up with the innovative idea of conducting a programme called ‘Nutrition Week’ with the help and support of various other grades. They thought of educating everyone at their school from the junior level. The activity included five themes with one theme per day. This required a lot of hard work, time, and dedication.

The grade 11 pupils were divided into groups and each group was responsible for delivering the Nutrition Week programme to one of the seven departments at the school. Many thanks go to Mehak Srivastava, a grade 11 Home Science pupil, who was the main coordinator for the wonderful five-day programme. The themes highlighted were as follows: ‘Rest a while, run a mile’ (exercise), ‘Eat right, be bright’ (breakfast consumption), ‘Just drink it’ (water consumption), ‘Show you care, beware’, and ‘Commit to be fit’.

The feedback the pupils received was tremendous and well-accepted. The Home Science pupils felt that they had helped bring a slight change in the mindset of the pupil community. For them, the aim of the Nutrition Week was a 100 per cent success.

— The reader is a freelancer based in Dubai

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