Gulf News reader Tanuja Ramdas urges the authorities to build more parks and play areas in the Shabiya Mussafah area of Abu Dhabi so that children would not have to play in potentially dangerous places. Image Credit: Gulf News Archive

I reside in Shabiya Mussafah, Abu Dhabi, and I am really happy to see the growth of infrastructure in the area. But despite the development of industrial zones, residential districts and the introduction of different types of warehouses, buildings and schools, it seems that the authorities are forgetting that the younger generation needs an area where they can play and get some fresh air.

There are no parks or safe play areas where children can be taken for an evening walk or indulge in a game with their friends.

The nearest parks are all 15-20km away. Female residents in the area are hesitant to go for evening walks along the roads as it can be unsafe.

There are thousands of families residing in Mussafah.

My request to the authorities is that if the authorised departments were to take note and build parks with abundant greenery, recreational spaces and trees, all the residents of the area would find it to be a blessing.

— The reader has been a resident of Abu Dhabi for the past 10 years

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Does your area have a park or playground? If no, where do the children play?  Do you know of any other areas that would benefit from a park?