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Social media users discussed the seriousness that surrounds sharing someone’s private content. Many discussed Rabi Pirzada’s case.

Here's what some tweeps said:

@johnmvivian: If you share someone else’s nudes, you should go to prison and be put on the sex offenders list.

@alyan4772: #RabiPirzada

Please don’t ignore this post! If someday private videos and pictures of your family members are leaked, how will you feel? Why do people feel so happy to share someone’s leaked videos?

@titojourno: For women, the right to privacy is the difference between safety and violence. For Rabi Pirzada, it has been the difference between having a career and being forced to quit...

@Sortiwa: Facebook reportedly receives half a million revenge porn complaints each month. Bottom line: Facebook is far from the only place that people can share non-consensual images online but it is among the most...

@blurmynamepls: All these people finding terms for what happened with Rabi Pirzada. Call it like it is. It’s not a breach of privacy, it’s not “leaked nudes”, it’s not compromised security. It’s revenge porn. Again, it’s revenge porn. It is nothing else and nothing more than that.