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  • Why Wavo OSN package is not provided? 
  • Reader complaints from missing some incoming calls to slow internet service
  • Can you exit the contract without any charges?
  • Telecom provider offers a YUPP TV subscription after Gulf News intervention 

Reader complaint: I have applied to du service in October 2018 due to their offer of 30MB internet, landline, Wavo OSN package, plus du TV.

Now almost four months, I have not received Wavo package. I am tired of following up with du customer care and still not solved. I have received an email from du on January 26, 2019 stating that du is not able to provide Wavo. On February 5, 2019, I got a call from du customer service stating that I am paying only for internet and landline and others are free of cost - on promotion.

Please do not offer, which du cannot provide to customer. When I was signing du contract this was not conveyed. I got a leaflet stating that I will get the following service (landline, internet, Wavo OSN plus du TV) and I am paying for these services. I am suffering from the following:

1. Very poor landline service - missing some incoming calls (multiple times rebooted system, still doing, whenever experiencing same)

2. Internet service speed is pathetic (here also - rebooting system multiple times)

3. No TV entertainment package, since du installed, there is no use of TV at home, other than youtube videos.

4. Very poor customer service. Taking ages times to conclude resolution.

5. Du is not taking customer issue seriously, otherwise, I could have avoided this complaint.

My humble request since du defaulted the commitments, please exit the contract without any charges. Request Gulf News help to sort this out.

From Mr Manoj Chandrasekharan, Dubai


A spokesperson from du responds: In response to a query from Manoj Chandrasekharan, the du team conducted an internal investigation to understand the complaint outlined. Following our internal inquiry, we have contacted the customer and informed him that he will receive a YUPP TV subscription soon. We regret the inconvenience and welcome any feedback from the customer.

Mr Chandrasekharan responds: Thanks a lot Gulf News. I am getting calls from du stating that I will be getting YUPP TV soon. Once again thanks for your support.

(Process initiation: February 6, 2019. Response from organisation: February 19, 2019. Reader confirmation: February 19, 2019.)

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