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Social media users thought that being too nice can lead to people taking advantage of others at work. They shared their own experiences at their workplaces.


@emmajaynefrost1: If you’re too nice, you’ll get walked all over.

@EatYourCareer: Is it possible to be TOO nice at work? Absolutely! See if you’re undermining yourself with too much niceness.

@demeatbeat: I got scolded at work today for being too nice.

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@vicpfrank: Tonight at work someone said “you need to stop being so nice or people are going to walk all over you for the rest of your life” and when I tell you I felt that.

@anehmones: Anyway at work today I had like four people say how soft and sweet I am ! It was accompanied with a “so you need to not let customers walk all over you okay” but still it was nice to hear.

@Tayyylouisee: Been the ‘nice’ ‘polite’ girl at work for too long, people start to walk all over you, but I can guarantee you that will no longer be happening...