The very purpose of pedestrian bridges in busy residential areas is defeated by elevators in need of maintenance. Image Credit: Tarek Madani/Gulf News Reader

I stay in Al Qusais area in Dubai. There is a footbridge located in this area with an elevator that has not been functional for years. In fact most of the elevators in the various footbridges in Dubai are not functional. I am not aware of any particular reason as to why they don't work.

Recently, when I was using the footbridge in my area, to my surprise I saw that the elevator's door was wide open while the elevator itself was stationed at the ground floor. This could lead to a serious accident wherein someone may fall down or a child may walk past the entrance and get seriously hurt.

I urge the local authorities to fix this as soon as possible. The authorities impose a fine if someone crosses the road and does not use the footbridge.

The authorities are doing a great job by providing air-conditioned bus stops. I request them to look into providing air-conditioned footbridges with functional elevators.

 — The reader is a senior manager in a Sharjah-based bank