As it has frequently been quoted several times that the former US President George W. Bush had threatened his Pakistani counterpart General Pervez Musharraf on the eve of the 9/11 terrorist attacks that in case the latter refuses to side with the former in the campaign of purging the US soil of terrorism, the latter’s country (Pakistan) would be hurled into the Stone Age. Consequently, fighting to ensure the security of the Americans could be the only way for Pakistan’s survival in the 21st century. As a result, the former Pakistani President decided to stand with the entire world rather than standing alone as an independent sovereign state in the international arena. During Palaeolithic and Neolithic eras of primitive times, there was no rule or regulation essential for leading a civilised life. The beasts used to be free to capture the innocent and tender children of humans to tear them into pieces before the eyes of the hapless and helpless parents. The same was repeated on the bleak day of December 16 in the Army Public School of the capital city of Peshawar. Beasts tore the innocent flowers of nature into pieces by slaughtering them with vicious weapons.

The beasts in primitive eras used to brutally kill the parents before the eyes of their children and the same took place at that school when the benevolent teachers were humiliated, attacked and brutalised by the nefarious and obnoxious beasts of the contemporary era. The stone-hearted beasts encircled the children and their teachers to remind the innocent individuals that they belong to the Stone Age under which they were to experience throbbing sufferings at the hands of the beasts.

The innocent flowers were beheaded and the walls and ceilings of their school was sprinkled with their sacred blood.

These ruthless beasts are not alone in their campaign of exhibiting brutality on humanity and their innocent children, rather they also have their supporters in various parts of the country, who also aim to inflict more pain and suffering on people in the name of religion.

My heart sinks whenever the chronicle of the most dreadful incident collides with my memory, and the cries of the children and teachers force me to raise my voice to rebuke and condemn the terrorists and their supporters. No mercy for these beasts...

- The reader is a Pakistani researcher based in Lahore, Pakistan