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What you need to know?

  • ‘Not being fake when complimenting others,’ claim netizens

Netizens shared their experiences with receiving and giving compliments. Many thought that people don’t trust the compliments they receive but they might be genuine.


@_kristindionna: You all live for social media because you have no real world communication skills and like being fake hyped.

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@willkatelady: I can genuinely give credit, compliment or congratulate people who don’t like me. It’s not being fake, it’s just that my integrity doesn’t change based on how you feel about me. I’m truly in a place of contentment.

@NotHollyMacie: I always want to compliment other girls but I always get worried they’re gonna think I’m being weird or fake.

@SPOTLIGHTBTS: How do you handle compliments like if I accept it to me it seems like I’m being conceited but if I don’t then I feel like I’m being fake.

@lelaniblack: A true compliment to someone expects nothing back. Flattery to get something or to use someone is not complimenting them. It’s being fake.

@vvvynm: If you compliment me, and I say it back, don’t worry about it being fake - I’m not that nice.