Selfies are proving to be dangerous and sensitive Image Credit: Supplied

Social media users shared why some people are obsessed with taking selfies. Some even shared incidents of people going to dangerous lengths to click one, while others joked about the matter.

@M_Ashley30: I have an obsession with car selfies.

@SheThePeople: Most millennials today seem to think that selfies are too narcissistic for their taste. They resort to a prettier, more aesthetic type of rear photography. And so, selfie obsession is now coming to an end #Mondaythoughts.

@RavensPromos: You wouldn’t take a selfie in the middle of the field. Why do it in the middle of the tracks? Railroad tracks should always be considered active and dangerous.

@__SoulFlower: Also a lady got banned from a cruise line because she [...] sat on the edge of balcony for a selfie. She was discovered after someone saw her standing there and thought she was going to jump.

@mollygos: I tried to take a selfie on the bus and instead very loudly dropped my travel mug, then bumped my head trying to clean up the coffee mess because I’m Mr. Bean levels of clumsy. Anyway don’t take selfies kids, it’s dangerous

@QTAnon1: My friend is in hospital today after seriously burning himself due to his obsession with taking selfies by a boiling kettle! The doctors believe he has serious selfie steam issues!