In Deira, many vehicles do not stop at junctions, even when the signal turns red. Image Credit: Nitin Kumar


I want to highlight an issue that I come across almost every day. Often times, vehicles do not stop at junctions, even when the signal turns red or if the junction is blocked due to traffic congestion in Dubai’s Deira area. This usually happens during the evening, when everyone is rushing to reach home.

Motorists seem to be in a car race, trying to get through the junction at any cost. This leads to them blocking the pedestrian crossing and other violations, such as tailgating, suddenly swerving and speeding.

It also makes for a dangerous situation for motorists waiting at the other end of the junction, when it is their turn to move.

Many factors lead to this situation, such as if people are running late, frustrated due to the traffic or just tired. There is also the issue of poor driving skills, disrespect towards the rules and safety of others.

Amit Sanyal, a company director based in Dubai, said: “I have to drive from Dubai to Sharjah after work in the evening. The traffic is blocked as we enter Sharjah. So many motorists jump the signal and try to manoeuvre into other lanes. They are a nuisance.”

I believe more awareness campaigns should be introduced so that drivers can be periodically educated about traffic rules. Advanced driving assistance systems should also be considered by the authorities, like intelligent speed assist and automated braking.

— The reader is a sales coordinator based in Dubai.

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According to a list of federal fines issued by the Ministry of Interior, the fine for crossing or jumping a signal is Dh 1,000, 12 black points and the vehicle is confiscated for 30 days. For heavy vehicles, the fine is Dh3,000. Additionally, stopping a vehicle on a pedestrian crossing results in a fine of Dh500.